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    30 Yard Roll off dumpster

    All kinds of Hooklift bins / Roll on or off containers can be designed
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Product Description

All kinds of Hooklift bins / Roll on or off containers can be designed and manufactured here in Hero Equipment. Usually standard sizes from 4.5 cubic meter to 35 cubic meter can be recommended, besides customized bins can also be achieved according to your designs or requirements.

Normally we use Q235 or Q345 as the materials to build the bins, but if you have special requirements on higher grade of steel, we can also source for you.

Regarding the surface treatment, we can paint the bins in your color or in H.D.G (4 cubic meter to 20 cubic meter only). In addition, extra steel lids , Flat tray and hooklift container can also be provided here, we welcome you to contact us for more information.

Hook Lift Bin

Product Parameters


Mild steel , in China we usually use Q235, which is similar to grade 250 in Australia, we can also use Q345 which is similar to grade 350 in Australia

This gives you amazing value through greatly increased product life.

Thickness of plates used

10 gauge 8 gauge (3mm-4mm) M/S plate for sides and 8 gauge 6gauge(4mm-5mm) M/S for floor.

Thicker plates are available to your requirements

Other specifications

1). RHS are used for top rails, and top edge of plate continuous welded to RHS

2). Fully and partly welded inside and outside

3). Hook bar: Dia 50mm

4). Bottom chassis : PFC or 'I' beam, usually 200*75 PFC

5). Curved sides are available

6). Hinge and rollers with grease points


1) Two opening door

2) Up opening door

3) HDG (Hot dipped galvanizing)

4) Crane eyes on top

5) Double opening door

6) Ladder in front or in the back


We will paint each bin you order in your company colours, enhancing your company image with great looking bins.

Two times of primer + two times of top coat

Primer : zinc-based epoxy (Grey)

Top coat : Urethane  (Any color)

Product Details

roll off.jpg

Our hook can be customized, strong and durable. We take the highest weight-to-lift ratio in the industry. we use high tensile steel for reducing bins weight, which means more payload, longevity of truck life time.

Door Hinges
our doors hinges are greasable,and capable of holding a big weight as well as. Mounting and adjustment are very easy.

Our wheels are heavy duty ,have great flexibility  in using ,can be a good optional  to our customers.

Door Lock
Ratchet door locking mechanism with high tensile safety chain and catch,this operates a heavy-duty secure locking mechanism .We also can customize the door locking mechanism to suit various transportation methods and requirements.

Product Application

Hook Bin Truck

Hero Bins are an highly effective means of moving waste and construction material around a site by overhead crane. Commonly found on construction sites, manufacturing facilities and mine operations. Crane bins are frequently emptied into large receiving bins such as marrels or hooks.

Our hooklift container are life long,strong and effective use.Our products enjoy good reputation in Australia,New Zealand,middle east and European.We can supply best container loading way,timly and perfect drawing.Most importantly we can do it according to your requirements,Anything you dream it we can do it.

Our Factory

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Our Certificates


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